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How to Pass Select Call Center Exam Process

Teleperformance exam process
This is the process for Technical Support Applicants

1. English as a Secondary Language basic questions. Multiple choice. Just choose the right words to make the sentence understandable.

1.2 Basic and Advanced computer related questions. Multiple choice. CPU, Monitor, ISP, Operating System, Cache, DSL, Email, Aniti-virus... depending on your job preference.

2. First interview with Recruitment specialist. They will check your accent and your ability to respond to questions. Example, Tell me something that's not in your resume, Why did you choose Teleperformance, If experienced, why did you leave your previous employer, if not experienced, why should we hire you...

3. Google test, 10 questions for you to research using google. This has ten minutes time limit. So worked fast. Example, who is the first millionaire in the United States? When is the birthday of Jose Rizal?...

4. Typing test. Just type the sentences as fast and accurate as possible.

5. Final Interview. Senior Recruitment Specialist. You will be assessed if your english meets his or her standards. You may be asked anything related to cellphones, if they are in need of agents for Sprint or other cellphone accounts, computers particularly hardware or software programs for their Toshiba account. This depends on the competence of the recruiter. Chances are these are just basic questions because the recruiter has absolutely no background on all of the accounts.
Sometimes a recruiter will conduct a simulation where you are asked to be an agent for a cellphone or Internet Service Provider or Computers, where you will try and provide basic steps in resolving the issue. Again, the recruiter will gauge your english.
As long you speak with confidence and clarity in your final interview they will offer you the contract.

Good Luck.

 Convergys Technical Service Representative Exam

1. Group interview. Two or three other applicants will be with you when the recruiter ask to tell something about yourself. Your job experience. Your strengths and weaknesses. Why should they hire you.

2. Examination. English as a secondary language. Testing your english comprehension by choosing the best answer to make the sentence correct.
Computer related exam. Something about Internet Service Provider and basic computer knowledge. What is a monitor. What is an OS. What is a keyboard.

Call simulation. Answer each inquiry by selecting the best 1-4 responses. This part you have to be careful. Because I have taken the test twice and I keep failing on this part. So read and understand your role as agent.

Final Interview with the Senior recruiter. The recruiter will ask questions about you and what you can bring to the company. Sometimes, they will conduct a verbal simulation for the account that they will assign to you. Example, “I am not connected to the internet please help me!” Just be clear and understandable.

 Good Luck.

Orientation at Convergys.

 Introduce yourself and what company or from what school. Your hobbies or likes and dislikes. You will have typing skills and english proficiency trainings. Not so much on american culture maybe a background on significant american history, reporting ito. It feels like an English seminar rather than a class, because the trainer will divide the time from english lessons with activities that are somewhat related to improving your pronounciations with english words. They will make sure that you learn and have fun because you will evaluate the trainer in the end of the training. Comply with the dresscode. Some trainers are strict with that and also the english only policy anywhere inside the training building. Final day is simulation you will be paired with a partner where you will act out as agent and assisting the caller. Because there are no phones inside the CCT room we had to sit back to back and just follow the call flow prepared by the trainer. The trainer will evaluate how clear you spoke or gave instructions.

I hope this helped. Good luck

Advanced Contact Solutions TSR/CSR exam

1. Online registration.

2. Initial interview with recruiter. tell me something about yourself. Where did you find out that ACS is hiring? Why do you want to leave your current employer? Why join ACS?  The recruiter will keep asking questions until he or she is satisfied with how well you speak english.

3. Technical exam. Part one: English as a secondary language. Choose the best answer to make the sentence correct.
Part two Listening skills. You will listen to a prerecorded program and you will select the best answers. Multiple choice.
Part three Typing skills. You will copy a prepared paragraph. Just type as fast and accurate as possible. 3 minutes.

4. Questionnaire related to computers and internet connections. Basic information. (For tech support only)

The recruiter will inform you if you pass or fail. good luck.

Just Flowers or Garret and Thalon csr exam

Three level of Interviews.

1. HR representative. Why join JF? What do you bring to the company? Tell me something about your previous employer?

2. Team Leader. Tell me something that you did not include in your resume. Why leave your current employer? What do you know about Just Flowers?
 Read a paragraph. Be careful with the name Carlyle.

3. Operations Manager. What do you know about the company? Why should we hire you? Which are you pro agent or pro management? Explain.
Read 15 words from a list that he will give to you.

You will be informed if you pass or fail. Pursue this company its a start up company. They use 25 inch HDMI samsung monitors. They pay 17,000 - 24,000 for all CSR agents. Team leaders are 38,000.



1. Interview with the recruiter. Tell me something about yourself. How long have you been an agent? Why leave your current employer? Why join APAC? What have you heard about APAC? The recruiter gauges your english proficiency.

2. English as a secondary language. Just select the best answer from the choices provided to make the sentence or statement correct.

3.Phone in Exam. You will follow instructions from a voice in the telephone. 4 parts. 1.Repeat the sentence. 2. Answer the question from two choices. 3. Complete the phrases to make it a sentence. 4. Answer each 3 questions with a one minute statement. Just try to be clear with your answers. Example: 100 hundred years ago the established truth were undisputed now they are wrong. Do you think the truth today will be wrong tomorrow. Explain your answer

Panel interview with Team leader and Trainer. Why did you leave your current employer? Why should we hire you? What do you bring to the company? Are you amenable to graveyard shifts?
 Read 10-20 words.
Read a paragraph.
 Describe red to a blind person.

Good luck.

Star Tek Buendia CSR exam

1. Online registration

2. Initial Interview. The recruiter will ask you about your employment history, where did you hear about Star Tek, followed by a barrage of scenarios. Take note; some recruiters from this company will keep you answering questions for 30-40 minutes. Example, what was your weirdest call, what did you do to help a fellow agent, what did your supervisor do after you assisted a fellow agent. All answers you give will be followed by another question related to your previous answer so just keep speaking in english.

3. Online Exam. 1. English test. Multiple choice. Just choose a,b,c,d that correspond to the right answer.

Basic computer Literacy. They have a unique program that determines how well you know your computer. Example; how do you save a document? Where do you find a deleted file? How do you increase the image (font or text) of your document?

4.  Call center scenarios. You will select the best response as a call center agent. Each scenario are text form so just read carefully and choose the proper response.

5.Listening skills. A conversation will be played twice between two americans. They will talk casually and exchange questions or statements. After the conversation is repeated you will read a question and select the best answer. a,b,c,d. All answers will depend on how well you listened in the conversation.

6. Typing skills. Just type as fast and accurate as possible.

7. Clear Voice. You will record how well you speak in english following several instructions. 1. Read from a paragraph 1 and 2. 3 minutes each. 2. Answer 3 questions about yourself. 2 minutes each Example: What will you do if you win 5 million pesos.

You will be informed if you pass or fail. If you pass the recruiter will schedule you for the Final Interview.

Final Interview. Senior recruiter will ask a series of questions related to past work experience. This will focus on how you related with colleagues and supervisors. They will inquire also if you have any contributions in your team which needs to be discussed. Bottom line, the recruiter will check if he likes your attitude and demeanor. 
Good Luck.

Jobstreet Referral Examination for TSR/CSR

First, let me emphasize that Jobstreet is a referral agency. They will not hire you instead refer you to a Call center company that they know will most likely hire you. Personally, I think this is a waste of time considering that they entertain more than 100 applicants a day. So just imagine how long and congested their small office is to conduct interviews and examinations.
By the way, some companies they refer you to will conduct the same, if not, much longer evaluation process. So I suggest you directly apply to the company.

Regardless, these are the procedure;

1. Group Interview. 5-7 applicants are interviewed by a jobstreet agent. Your answers must be in english at all times. If you have experience as a call center agent most of the question will revolve on that. If you applied before to a call center company the agent will want to know so that she or he can cross out that company for your referral. As far as I have noticed, the agents prepares a list of questions probably 15 or more, but because you are grouped he or she will ask two or three questions only from the list. Example; What was the most difficult call you received? Why did you leave that company? Why should we hire you?

2. Typing test. Just get 25 words per minute and 85 percent accuracy. They use Typing Master.
You will be given three tries if you cannot get it the first time.

3. Written Examination. The agent will hand you 1 or 2 questionnaire depending on the company they think you may pass to. The questionnaire has 1-10, 11-15, 16-20 answer sheet. Example Telus questionnaire for Tech Support Applicant; Where would you categorize Monitor, keyboard, mouse and printer, answer is Hardware. They are multiple choice. English test and scenarios. A listening test will be prepared. As far as I could tell they have two audio samples only. One for Telus and another for PLDT Ventus. You will listen to two people talking and a questionnaire will be prepared where you will write your answer. For Telus; Hongkong to Canada. A guy is being interviewed about his birthplace in HongKong and his memorable experiences there. Followed by his experiences growing up in his new home in Canada.

The questionnaire can be tricky because it will ask information that are mentioned fast so if the agent isn't watching just click right button on the MP3 program or repeat the whole audio file. The agent will not rush you especially if he or she is interviewing another batch or checking the papers of another group. They will most likely leave you alone at this point of the evaluation process.

For financial accounts like Citigroup, they will prepare 3-5 computations were you will add something like 33,567.80 and 49,764.90 or what is 150% of 25. Followed by english test and scenarios. There are no listening skills test for financial accounts.

The agent then check your papers where you will wait for the companies they will refer you too. Maximum of referrals are 4 if I am not mistaken. They refer you to either Telus, Teleperformance, VXi, Citigroup, HSBC, PLDT Ventus. They may have more but it wasn't offered to our group.

I hope this help. Good luck.

EXL Services Mall of Asia
Exam: Grammar, Typing and Reading

Initial interview: recruiter (Tell me something about yourself, why did you leave you
previous employer, what is your expected salary)

Second Interview: Team Leader ( Just convince him that you have the right attitude
remember this is a team leader with insecurity issues)

Final Interview: Operations Manager (They may be the Indian Operations Manager,
remember they acquired tenure ship and very loyal to the company, answer them honestly
and give them expectations related to your work ethics, convince them that you will be an
asset to the team.)

Firstsource Alabang (behind APAC)

Exam: Reading with the recruiter ( testing your accent)

Computer exam ( basic math, grammar, english multiple choice) Typing test ( type an entire Paragraph read to you via computer using a head set with time limit - 3 paragraphs) just type as accurate and fast as you can, you can listen to the paragraph twice but you cannot back space or repeat what you already typed so do not repeat from the last sentence.

Interview : Head recruiter ( Why should they hire you, tell something about yourself, tell something about yourself that is not on your resume)

Interview: operations manager ( if experienced most questions will be based on what you use to do,  like what do you do for Rapport and how do you handle  difficult customers or misrouted calls) What will you bring to the company?


Exam via computer (Basic english and math multiple choice)

Interview: Recruiter (Read a pragraph and make a story out of a series of picture ex. family went on a picnic when a bull attacked their site forcing the family to leave and be cautious in unfamiliar places.
Basic questions like why did you leave your previous employer, what background do you have, tell something about yourself.

Versant Phone exam 1: Answer basic phone questions and repeat the sentence being read.

Interview with a more comprehensive line of questioning: Most questions are not work related but the answers must be in english and should be clear and understandable. Ex. When did you last visited your province? Why would you visit your province? Do you believe in reincarnation? Why? What is your favorite color and why? What is the name of your bestfriend? Why is he/she your best friend? From what I recalled there were 15 questions asked or more so just try and enjoy yourself do not lose composure because the room is very small. Just be yourself in answering because there is no wrong answers.

Versant phone exam 2: Basic answers (ex. Where do you pour milk into? a bottle or a lamp ans. bottle), jumbled words convert into a sentence (ex. a drunk father is My ans. My father is a drunk), Sentence Repeat (ex. How far is the post office from your house ans. just repeat as accurate as possible), Paragraph answers with 2 minute answers (ex. The established truths has a tendency to change, like 500 years ago the established truth was the earth is flat now that has been changed. What can you say about this? ans comprehensively and coherently.

Aptitude test: to be taken in the site needing agents. 100 questions that would test your attitude, just choose the answers you are comfortable with.

Basic test: Multiple choice questions related to basic math, english and computer

Training simulation: A computer program will teach you the basics in taking calls, 3 scenarios with 1 sample call. All answers are multiple choice except for the logging the call information box or Note. First take the account number or order service number, then pull up the account, read through the account history and change any information that the caller requested like address change or update then take order payments via credit card. Take credit card number and type of card. Other scenarios are Order change and cancellation. It is a fairly easy scenarios and you have “help button” on the upper right corner of the screen telling you what you need to do and a “repeat audio” button at the lower right for the request and numbers or address of the customer.

Access Worldwide recruitment process

1. Initial Interview with Recruitment Specialist
Basic questions on what you wrote on your resume, work experience and work attitude.
"They prefer if you have Financial work background"

2. Exams
Aptitude test with computations (you need to get 20 items correct in 15 minutes)
English test (prepositions, tenses, verbs) multiple choice.
Computer test on the web site E* ( getting information from the website)
Written test (15 items) Examples: What is a day trader? a. b. c. d.
The Greater the Risk the greater the rewards. True or False or It depends

3. Versant Phone Exam
     Simple answer, Sentence reconstruction, sentence recall.

4. Final Interview with the Operations Manager
Basic questions, except there was a hint that they want people who can make it through the training and acquire the E trade license. Applicants need to be convincing when sharing some experience on how they manage stressful situations and relationship with co-workers.

Etelecare or Streem
Evaluation Process
1. initial interview - tell me something about yourself
2. written exam (english, logic, math)
3. pronounciation (pababasahin ka ng paragraph)
4. final interview with senior HR (about your life, school, previous work yada..yada)
5. Technical Simulation.

Dell or Teleperformance Mall of Asia exam process for Technical Service representative.

1 Online registration

2. Interview with the recruiter. Tell me something about yourself. How long have you been an agent? Why leave your current employer? Why join Dell|? What have you heard about Dell? The recruiter gauges your english proficiency.

3. Basic technical exam. What is USP? What does it do? What are the different kinds of Windows Vista? Name three internet browsers. What is POST. What does a NIC card or LAN card do....

4. Phone in Exam. You will follow instructions from a voice in the telephone. 4 parts. 1.Repeat the sentence. 2. Answer the question from two choices. 3. Complete the phrases to make it a sentence. 4. Answer each 3 questions with a one minute statement. Just try to be clear with your answers. Example: 100 hundred years ago the established truth were undisputed now they are wrong. Do you think the truth today will be wrong tomorrow. Explain your answer.

5. Technical Exam. 133 questions about English as a secondary language. Multiple choice. 35 minutes.
Math or something related to it. Multiple choice. Has something to do with addition or subtraction. Just read the question. All the answers are posted. 15 minutes
Call simulation. You will be instructed to familiarize an account for call center company. you are an agent supporting car owners on their on board GPS tracking service. First part is text only inquires. So just put the name, address, phone number of the customer, then select the best response from 1-4 choices. Part 2-4 are voice calls work fast in typing the name, address, zip code, phone number, then select the best response from 4 choices. Choose fast because the voice will react if take you more than 30 seconds to choose a response.

The recruiter will inform you if you passed for the final interview with the Operations Manager. Good Luck.

Dell Final Interview Process

Operations Manager. Why do you want to work for Dell?
What are some instances from your previous work that you consider hard?
What are some conflicts that you can remember in your previous employer and how
did you handle that?
Do you agree that it should take 20 minutes to resolve a hardware problem?
What analogy can you give for the computer? Explain.
Simulations. Irate Dell laptop owner experiencing audio problems. (Instruct caller to check the audio icon sa lower part ng monitor kung naka mute or disabled) (try checking the device manager kung ang Sound card needs reinstalling) (try rebooting or removing the batteries of the laptop and then test audio by playing a file) If nothing else works then determined that the speakers are faulty and advise to have a local technician check the laptop.

Concentrix CSR exam
1. Initial interview with the recruiter. Tell me something about yourself. Why do you want to work for Concentrix? Why should we hire you? The recruiter will gauge how well you speak english.
2.Typing test. Type the prepared sentences as fast and accurate as possible under one minute.
3. Final interview. Phone interview. The senior recruiter will ask questions about your previous employer, what did you like or dislike about your boss, why did you leave, why work for concentrix.
You will be asked to read a prepared paragraph. Something related to Dr. Seuss a childrens book. Be careful with packet and pocket because it can cause you to pronounce them the same way. Its a very short paragraph.
You will know if you pass or fail.


  1. Yeah its a good article. According to you what we project managers do is communicating. And a lot of this communication is done during project meetings. It can sometimes feel like you are running from one meeting to another and that your time is often wasted. Meetings don’t start on time, the issues aren’t dealt with, there is no agenda, there is no focus, nobody assigns any follow ups or tasks and of course then they also don’t end on time. An efficient project manager is required for the good management of a project. I think a project manager should PMP certified. Looking forwards to apply what I learned in PMP classes in my company.

  2. hi thank you for uploading this. I hope you can give me some advises on how to pass call center interview in telus thanks a lot, have a great day :)

  3. thank you for this, do you know something about technical simulation at convergys? im planning to apply at convergys as TSR but im afraid of failing their mock call. they said you have to rate something "effective" bla bla bla. please someone help me

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